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Sanjay Shah: Entrepreneur, Music Lover and Philanthropist

Recently, the Entrepreneur Podcast Network had the honor of hosting a very unique man – Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah came on radio to share his own experiences and thoughts on a show that acts as a platform for sharing entrepreneurial advice and information. It basically allows entrepreneurs from all over the world to share with one another. Sanjay Shah, who himself is a successful entrepreneur had one important message: Never underestimate the capital you’ll need to start a business. But who is Sanjay Shah? What has he done to deserve recognition?

Sanjay Shah is first and foremost an entrepreneur who is very good at what he does. He is the founder as well as the CEO of the financial institution known as Solo Capital Limited. Solo Capital Limited came into existence in 2011 in England. It specializes in financial services such as consultancy as well as proprietary trading. The company has in a span of roughly 4 years turned into a multimillion institution generating stupendous profits over the period. It is quite a remarkable fit for Shah who started out not as a banker or similar business guru but as a doctor having studied medicine. He later felt that his passion didn’t lie in medicine and opted to try out his hand in business as an accountant working for various investment banks. As a result of the financial crisis in 2009, however, he found himself without a job and deciding to open his own business and thus Solo Capital was born.

In addition to being a business guru, Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist. Perhaps one of his most recognized acts of charity is a charitable event known as Autism Rocks. Sanjay was inspired to start raising money for charity after his own son was diagnosed with Autism aged 4. He got the idea to raise money through concerts when a friend called him and told him he was with a famous musician, Snoop Dogg , and they wanted to pass by his villa. It was from this “miracle” visit that he got the inspiration to raise money for charity through concerts.

Find out more about Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah:


Andy Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley, Raising Funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation After Nearly Losing His Life in a Skydiving Accident

President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Area Andy Wirth is raising money for Navy SEAL families and SEAL operators who have lost limbs after Wirth himself lost his right arm in a skydiving Accident in October of 2013, an accident that nearly took his life –

Bloomberg reports that while waiting for help to arrive, Wirth avoided going into shock by singing the lyrics to Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” and staunching the bleeding with the only device at his disposal: his left arm. After 50 days in the hospital and 24 surgeries, Wirth has had 70% of the use in his reconstructed right arm restored, and he has set his sights on finishing the running portion of the IRONMAN 70.3 in Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth, according to KCRW, is one of three members of the 2015 IRONMAN team Special Warfare Warrior, whose “purpose is ultimately to generate support for the Navy SEAL Foundation,” says Wirth.

Andy Wirth credits a large portion of his recovery and training to members of the Navy Seals who shared their own stories of survival and starting over with him.

Wirth and his team have already raised over $14,000, nearly half of their goal of $30,000. The Special Warfare Warrior team managed to raise over $40,000 in 2014.


Footwear Is Taking Center Stage

Vogue posted an article recently about footwear. The article, more specifically, discussed how shoes for festivals has now become a niche market. It explained the festivals are hard to pack for. You never know what the weather might turn out to be like. And this notion applies to other outdoor outings that do not involved hiking. People have struggled to find the shoe that will work for all conditions. The article on then credited Kate Moss with identifying the direction that festival footwear should be taken. At a 2005 festival, Moss was photographed wearing shorts and a pair of rain boots. A new wave of fashion was sparked.

The article then continued by saying that, since that picture was taken 10 years ago, there are now lots of options for festival goers to wear. Cowboy boots have now become a popular option, with varying calf heights. Rain boots are still a popular choice and there are now rain moccasins, short boots, tall boots and everything in between. There are also some more industrial boot options with cute flairs and hardy sandal options for those who will be attending festivals in drier climates, like Coachella.

One company that will have many options for festival footwear is JustFab on youtube. This is an online store that offers buyers memberships. The different membership levels offer different benefits but essentially, the member pays a monthly fee and gets to choose from a curated collection of items. The items in JustFab are assembled by a fashion expert who had the new member take a fashion quiz to get more information on their style and taste. The member can then choose one item, or more if she wants to pay the additional charges. If she does not see anything in the collection that she likes, she can push that month’s item to the next month and pick at least 2 items from the next month’s collection. JustFab on shoedazzle now also has subsidiaries that provide a similar program but with different items. One is for children’s clothing and accessories and one is for casual athletic wear.

Beneful – A Healthy, Nutritious, and Tasty Benefit to Dogs Everywhere

Beneful, made by Purinastore, is the healthy and tasty choice for dogs to enjoy. The makers of Beneful take pride in making dog food that contain real meats and vegetables that are vitamin-rich and appealing to a dog’s taste buds. With a 95% recommendation and 4.7 out of 5 stars, Beneful is the choice of dog lovers everywhere, so Fido will not be disappointed by the variety of products there is to offer.

Beneful Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken

The Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with Real Chicken is 100% real chicken. The treat comes in a variety of tender and crunchy bites, which are both delicious and nutritious. The vegetables in this dog food are also savory, including carrots, tomatoes and avocados. The blend of delicious vegetables complements the chicken in the perfect fashion for any dog to enjoy.

Beneful Dry Dog Food with Real Salmon

Many people are aware of the health benefits of Salmon, so the makers of Beneful decided that dogs deserve those same benefits. The Beneful Dry Dog Food with Real Salmon comes with omega-rich salmon, which helps maintain a dog’s shiny coat and healthy skin. The salmon also comes with sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy

Taking care of a puppy can be a handful! Its playful and boisterous nature keeps owner and pet busy at all times, so why not maintain that exuberance? The Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy comes with 100% real chicken that is accented with peas and carrots. Additionally, the dog food also comes with DHA, a proven supplement that helps brain and vision development for both pets and people alike.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life with real beef & egg

For dog food that is rich in protein, Beneful’s Dry Dog Food Playful life comes with all-natural beef and eggs. This treat will help maintain a puppy’s weight and energy. It also comes with anti-oxidant rich blueberries and spinach, so your dog will stay healthy and active. want to ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy from the start. With its wide variety of dog food for puppies and older dogs alike, there is something for every dog to enjoy. Beneful will surely be dog’s best friend! Beneful is sold at walmart via


Sales are Surging in the Premium Dog Food World

Premium dog food is the topic of order for the sales surging into the billion dollar markets. Local  stores like Wal-Mart and world wide markets are taking part in providing exceptional quality and delicious blends for our furry animals. Our dogs are thankful and reaping the benefits offered and their digestive systems are thanking us. It is true that there are many, many different breeds of dogs but one thing stands true, they all need carefully selected premium dog food to enhance their system and stand for a healthy lifestyle. Manufacturers in the market are trying to get the dogs back to their ancestor’s diet, which is the wolves, and studying what they eat to survive in the wild. Their systems are made for natural, easy to digest ingredients and are filled with flavor.

One brand that stands true through the test of time is called Purinastore, and they have been providing excellent quality dog food for many years. They have come out with a natural line of dog food called Beneful. Beneful has natural ingredients that are baked into every bite. Ingredients such as carrots and sweet potatoes with lean meats that are baked into each morsel that you can see. Each Beneful bag, box and can of dog food is placed through a quality assurance testing measure to ensure that the value is excellent, and the quality satisfaction is impeccable. They really take a lot of pride in providing a great product and in knowing that their dog food is increasing the longevity and happiness of dogs all over the world.

They dish out millions of bags of dog food each day to consumers all over the world who are taking an active part and measure in providing quality dog food for their pets. Studies are showing that they healthier our dogs eat, the longer they live and the happier they are. Just like us, what we choose to eat, in return either makes us feel more energy or weighs us down. Our dogs depend on us to feed them the best possible dog food that we can, and we can do that by choosing to feed them Beneful.

Talk Fusion’s Video Solutions Change How Business is Done

More and more businesses are turning to video communications for a wide range of needs. The use of video has proven to have a wide variety of practical uses. This is why companies like Talk Fusion are in such high demand.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by its CEO, Bob Reina. Mr. Reina has received recognition for his distinctive leadership style and pioneering product development.

Bob Reina has also received praise for his notable charitable contributions. Some of his most well known are his donations to animal causes. One of his largest donations was to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Thanks to Reina’s leadership, Talk Fusion has developed an extensive product line. Their first product to be released was video email. This is a perfect solution for companies that need a great way to reach clients. The addition of video has proven to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns substantially.

One of the latest products that Talk Fusion has released is video conferencing. This is the perfect solution for a wide range of business needs. Video conferencing allows attendees to connect using a wide range of mobile devices. By using video to conduct meetings, companies can save on travel and lodging expenses.

Another product that Talk Fusion offers is video newsletters. This is the perfect way for companies to announce the latest breaking news to employees. Video newsletters are also a great way to announce new product developments. They also serve as a great way to announce the latest news at shareholder meetings.

The reason Talk Fusion has proven to be such a success is their commitment to delivering top-rated products. The flexibility that their products offer is one of their greatest features. Users are able to create content that is only limited by the scope of their imaginations. This is why Talk Fusion is the perfect solution for all your video communication needs.

E-Commerce a Focus for US Money Reserve


As reported by CBS 19, the US Money Reserve has revitalized its website to better reflect their status as a distributor of precious metals while adapting to new technologies and provide ease of access to consumers while also educating them on what is means to own bullion issued by the federal government and the true value of gold coins and precious metals. This includes high-res images and a full redesign of their previous site, all bearing the influence of the US Money Reserve’s President, Philip N. Diehl, former Director of the US Mint.

Ryan Buchanan, Vice President of Brand and Creative, oversaw the entire redesign of US Reserve’s online presence, which included the development and deployment of applications that introduced features that act as education tools for customers. According to Buchanan, they now have more responsive tools that can generate content that is both of high quality and can reach a wider consumer base through more platforms than before, making US Money Reserve not only a more attractive option for those seeking precious metals but as an educator on the intimidating practice of purchasing it.

With online marketplaces increasing in accessibility and therefore becoming the option of choice for all goods, US Money Reserve is looking to be more competitive in pricing and offering of their gold and silver bullion, bars and coins. Exclusive products and services are also on offer, like PCGS certified coins, things that would appeal to knowledgeable consumers in this market. Information kits are on offer for free from their Knowledge Center, providing accurate and prescient information on precious metals, minting, grading and purchasing.

US Money Reserve also has introduced Client Connect Advantage, which optimizes customer service by linking consumers to consultants who can inform them about exclusive releases, assist in the purchasing process, and handle transactions. This is all covered by a Buy Back Guarantee, that ensures a fair return policy that errs on the side of the consumer to make sure they’re getting the fairest deal and the best service distributors in the market has to offer.

US Money Reserve, based out of Austin, Texas and formed in 2001, has quickly grown into the largest distributor of platinum, silver and gold as legal tender, backed by the US and foreign governments. With hundreds of thousands of clients across the United States, US Money Reserve is regularly shipping precious metals to all 50 states.

US Money Reserve has gained this acclaim and achieved its growth by having a knowledgeable staff that has remained invested and informed on the development of coin research and the market it sells in, allowing them to make the best offers to their clients. That they go a step further to secure a stellar customer service department only works in their favor to develop steady and long-term buying relationships.

Stephen Murray’s CCMP Capital has Experienced Numerous Name Changes over the Years

CCMP Capital is a private Equity firm with specialization in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions. Consequently, the company has an investment that amounts to an estimate of $12 million in the development of capital and leveraged buyout transactions since it was launched. In 2007, it was ranked the seventeenth largest private equity firm in the world. Further, CCMP’s success has seen it expand into various locations in the world such as Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, and London.

CCMP’s Name Transition

CCMP has gone by various names since its inception. Most of the names were coined after acquisition or merging with other firms. The name CCMP stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital or J.P.Morgan Partners.

The Chemical Venture Partners was initially formed in 1984 as the venture capital and private equity arm of Chemical Bank. However, the name later changed to Chase Capital Partners after acquiring the Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996.The trend would then continue with the adoption of the name J.P. Morgan Partners upon buying J.P.Morgan & CO., which also led to the creation of J.P.Morgan Chase in 2000. In addition, the integration of other private equity firms such as Robert Fleming & Co, Manufacturers Hanover, The Beacon Group, and Hambrecht & Quist boosted CCMP’s platform.

J.P.Morgan Chase later acquired Bank One, which comprised of its private equity investment division known as the One Equity Partners. This was before the J.P.Morgan Partners arranged to separate itself from J.P.Morgan Chase. The separation was finalized on July 31, 2004. On the same year, J.P.Morgan Chase concluded the sale of its stake International Fund in J.P.Morgan Partners amounting to $925 to a syndicate of secondary investors. Consequently, the J.P.Morgan Partners put the name transition to a stop when they proclaimed the CCMP acronym by utilizing all its predecessor names.

In 2007, missed its target of raising $3.5 million for its fund dunned Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Investors II by raising $3.4 billion in terms of commitment from institutionally-based investors. This marked the first ever fund created by CCMP Capital upon its separation from J.P. Morgan Chase. Later in 2014, the company went ahead to sell Medpace, a pharmaceutical research company, to Cinven for an estimate of $900 million.

Stephen Murray

Before his death on March 12, 2015, Stephen Murray was the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, which is a private equity company that is committed to growth equity and buyout transactions. In 1984, graduated with an economics degree from the Boston College. Further, he attained his master’s in business administration from the Columbia Business School in 1989. Apart from being a private equity investor, Murray was also a philanthropist who offered support to various initiatives such as Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Videos Embedded in Email

When Bob Reina wanted to put a five second video in his email to friends and family, America Online said it couldn’t be done. They practically laughed at him. That was back in 2007. It was the encouragement that Reina needed to begin Talk Fusion. Since the company was founded, it has become a very popular choice of email marketing.

Talk Fusion is a unique company in that any video made via the company is embedded right into the email. They have over 1,000 templates that their users can pick from to create a personalized video for their needs. Every user, however, has to pay a fee.

For the first month of Talk Fusion, users pay $175. Each subsequent month is only $20. The subscription fees allow the company to continue making their services great. For only $20 after the first month, it’s quite an affordable service.

The process that Talk Fusion will take its users through is quite simple for that little. It simply takes a click of the template and the recording button. The only other equipment the user will need is either a mobile device with a camera or a laptop or desktop with a webcam so that they can record. Then, all the user has to do is upload the video to Talk Fusion’s services and embed the video in the email.

Super easy, right? Well, the person to thank is Bob Reina. If America Online hadn’t told him that a five second video in an email itself was impossible, Talk Fusion wouldn’t have come into being. The videos their users make are not limited to five seconds; they can be as short as five seconds or as long as ten seconds.

Even more interesting is that email marketing is a large portion of how companies pull in new customers. However, few customers like to read emails all the way through. Videos hold their attention for more time.

Given that, it’s no surprise that Talk Fusion has become so popular.

Watch Bob Reina talk about his company

Natural Dog Food Takes the Market

When it comes to our pets, what we feed them is a great concern to many owners. We want to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients that they need to sustain their healthy fur, skin and happiness. Just like us, what we eat greatly affects us. We want to eat healthy and feel good, shouldn’t our pets do the same? More and more consumers are spending their hard earned money on providing high end ingredient dog food for their furry family members. Not only are they spending more money, but dog food manufacturers are providing delicious ingredient dog food with natural ingredients that you can see. With fresh produce and lean meats blended into each piece, you can see the difference in the food and notice the different in the way your animal acts.

Purinastore Beneful knows how important it is to provide your dog with the best quality ingredients money can buy, and that’s why they provide delicious, natural dog food for your pets. You can find Beneful dog food in a dry form, wet form or serve them with a delicious treat. Beneful make different types of dog food geared towards your breed and what your dog may be experiencing at the time. Some animals have dry skin, allergies, or they may just need a little bit more protein that what other foods provide. Beneful dog food products go through a rigorous process of checks and labels to ensure that each morsel is selected for the utmost quality. You can rest assured in knowing that your pet is devouring one of the best dog foods on the market when it comes to quality ingredients.

More consumers and manufacturers are learning that our dogs should be eating similar to what their ancestors are eating, the wolves. Their diet is natural and hearty, which is something the Beneful provides their customers. A happy dog is a happy life, and it makes the owners feel so good in knowing that their dogs are consuming something that is healthy, and in the long run going to make them feel great and increase their longevity.