FreedomPop Opening Up the World

FreedomPop has turned itself into a major player for wireless services over the past several years. It has done this through two different methods: inexpensive service and the ability to roam the world without paying an arm and a leg. International travel is one thing many individuals have had to deal with. Attempting to call someone back home over their mobile phone can shoot up prices and make the trip far less affordable. However, this is one of the major areas FreedomPop has attacked. While it built a following in the United States thanks to its inexpensive services, it now has turned its sights onto international calling, and with the new global hotspots and SIM services, it is finally possible for travelers to save a considerable amount of money.

The Global hotspot is currently being launched with access in 25 countries. These nations range in mostly Europe and North America. However, FreedomPop is expecting to increase this to more than 40 countries by the end of the year, which they believe will include areas of Asia and Latin America. For the service, individuals pay $49.99 (although it will go up to $99.99, so those people who want an intro price should move now), plus $10 for the SIM card. As countries become available to the global hotspot, FreedomPop has stated it will remotely update the SIM cards so it is not necessary to purchase new ones.

With the global service, individuals are able to receive 200 MB of data for free and they can use it in their smartphone or any connected device. The company is also going to sell additional amounts of data in 500 MB increments at $10 a pop. All of this is going to make international travel and communication and staying connected so much easier than ever before.

Brian Torchin Solves Staffing Issues With HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is Informed About the Medical Industry
Brian Torchin formed HCRC Staffing. Mr. Torchin is the founder of HCRC Staffing. The goal of this agency has been to include many years of staffing and medical experience into this entire company. Ethics are incorporated. Brian provides a detail-oriented approach to the entire staffing approach. Brian Torchin is also the president of this staffing company. He does bring his years of experience to his position. Staffing is his specialty. Brian had actually spent numerous years in the following areas:
* managing medical offices
* staffing
* opening new offices
He is well-informed of the medical staffing needs. He is also informed of the roles of the medical professionals. He is highly qualified to meet the staffing needs of the medical industry. He is aware of the many challenges that the medical field must solve.

Qualified and highly skilled
The medical staffing needs will be met by a qualified and skilled CEO. indicates that Brian Torchin graduated with a BS at the University of Delaware. He attended New York Chiropractic College from the years 1992 to 1995. His long list of finely tuned skills ensure all medical staffing needs will be in capable an qualified hands from a CEO who possesses the needed skills to get the job done right.  Brian Torchin frequently tweets about what the industry is looking for

A High Level of Professionalism
Brian Torchin offers a high level of professionalism to each and every client. He has the ability to be professional and personable while ensuring that the health care industry is staffed with quality healthcare solutions. Mr. Torchin take pride in the fact that he is a president of a company that has the ability to deliver exceptional results within the health care industry.

Quality Medical Staff on a Global Basis
Mr. Torchin and HCRC are ready to discover and find high-quality medical staff on a global basis. The best staffing practices is the global outcome. Brian Torchin and his team can be counted on to solve your medical staffing issues.  You can find Brian Torchin’s commentary on health issues from his Mashable comments.

Video Visitation is Even Easier Now with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, an inmate communication technology company already renown for video visitations, has taken its well-known video visitation software up a notch. As John Bell finds his place as a senior sales executive (which was effective December 30, 2015, according to Financial News), more technology comes into the hands of Securus users.

The newest development is an app. While this is hardly surprising given how many people own an Apple or Android device that can use apps, what makes the Securus app different is how it will be used on those devices. The app will be used to conduct video visitations. Not only that, but information from a user’s online account can be synced to the app. This will allow users to receive reminders about upcoming at-home visits, and other things, on their phones, tablets, and various devices where the app can be downloaded.

Currently, the app is only available via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. While this limits the app to only two brands of devices, the application of it is enormous. The app will allow anyone on the go to use their cellular data or WiFi to make a remote visit to a friend or family member.

Securus users will no longer need to make sure they have a laptop or desktop with a webcam with the app. It will also allow its users to test WiFi and cell signal to make sure they can enjoy their video visitation. When others cannot enjoy special times, and a trip to the prison is out of the question for one reason or another, video visitations are the choice that makes everyone happy.

Check out the company’s website here:


Alexei Beltyukov Has Created Many Great Companies

Prominent businessman Alexel Beltyukov strongly believes that offering an interactive educational program will provide great benefits to high school students. Currently the co-owner of Endemic Capital, A-Ventures, and New Gas Technologies and Mechanics, this strategic leader is constantly seeking new business opportunities, especially those in the educational arena. As an expert businessman, he has acquired many impressive skill-sets related to corporate development, project finance, venture capital, and management consulting, many of which have played an integral role in his most recent position as former director of SOLVY.

Beltyukov’s interest in developing start-up companies sparked many years after he received his MBA from INSEAD Business School in 1997. Following his profound graduate pursuits, he held positions at McKinsey & Company, Brunswick Capital, Renova Project, and Skolkovo Foundation. In 2007, he founded A-Ventures, which is a renowned management company that is based in Russia. Over a seven year time period, he maintained a net annual return to clients that exceeded 40 percent. Beltyukov sold the company in 2014.

Alongside his great entrepreneurial pursuit at A-Ventures, Beltyukov founded SOLVY in 2013. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, this innovative company utilizes a proprietary online platform to encourage high school students to creatively learn mathematics while providing teachers with the necessary tools to reduce redundant work, thus focusing their teaching discipline on actual learning. For example, the online homework space allows teachers to develop customized exercises that uses real-world problems. Unlike basic multiple-choice questions, students are urged to complete these practical math assignments by showing their entire work on the answer sheet. Although this is a more challenging approach to solving problems, the program provides the students with hints and feedback during the exercise. The goal of SOLVY is to promote progressive thinking and growth, which ultimately ensures that students completely understand each math concept.

Throughout the past twenty years, Beltyukov has effectively assisted many successful companies like SOLVY and, as a result, this serial entrepreneurial is known as one of the best businessmen in the country. His companies have flourished primarily because he strives to create services that help people; therefore, he is proud that the online homework program is attracting many educators and EdTech experts. Today, Beltyukov serves on the Board of Foro Energy, which is a company that produces high-quality lasers for the natural gas, geothermal, oil, and mining industries. The business is based in the Houston, Texas area.

George Soros: The World’s Economy is Lurching toward another 2008

George Soros: The World’s Economy is Lurching toward another 2008

In a January 7 statement made in Sri Lanka, billionaire philanthropist George Soros warned that the current state of the global market, early in 2016, looked worryingly similar to its state in 2008. ( Soros was responding to China’s suspension of its stock index, the second time it had done so in just a week. The stock market responded accordingly, leading many investors to fear that Soros’ prediction of another global market meltdown just might be in the cards. It wasn’t just the volatile market that suggested China’s precarious situation; its lowering demands for oil caused by a slowing manufacturing economy, and the devaluation of the yuan, are also suggestive of trouble. Soros worries that, as the world situation verges closer and closer to what it was in 2008, investors are going to pull back, and the international market’s bullish tendencies will become bearish.
Soros has recently pointed out on other reasons for concern. According to his predictions, the European Union is crumbling. The appalling state of the Greek economy, so much in the spotlight early in 2015, has not really been attended to. And then there’s the current instablility caused by the refugee crisis, launching wave upon wave of asylum-seekers into countries that are not adequately equipped to deal with them. Europe’s lack of an established refugee policy underlines the crisis. Threats to pull the UK out of the European Union, made recently by prime minister David Cameron, only exacerbate the situation. ( Investors cannot help but be deterred under such conditions of insecurity.
And then there’s the situation in the Ukraine. Soros was very vocal about the need to support the Ukraine against Russia’s increasingly aggressive attitude, advocating billions of dollars in aid to help the Ukraine resist Putin’s expansionist policies. The result? Soros’ philanthropic Open Society Foundations has been officially banned from Russia. In her recent article for Fortune, ( Jennifer Ablan reports that the reasons given for the restriction lie in what the Russian authorities see as the danger the Open Society Foundationd posed to Russian state security. So threatening does the work of this octogenarian philanthropist appear to Russia that fifty-three of his foundation’s books were publicly burned by a college in the northwest of the country, while several hundred more were seized for shredding. (
This rather startling response to Soros’ charity and to its efforts to promote humanitarian and democratic values underlines the authority that George Soros wields. Born in Hungary and renowned for his market acumen, Soros has proven time and again that he is one of the world’s most sagacious financiers. But he is also one of the greatest philanthropist/humanitarians of our time. He created the Open Society Foundations over thirty years ago as a means to promote transparency of government and respect for fundamental human rights ; it is currently active in more than 100 countries around the world.
All the more reason, then, why George Soros’ predictions regarding the current state of the world’s economy should be taken very seriously indeed.

Flavio Maluf Pushes On With New Industrial Opportunities

The country of Brazil has been something of an enigma for those operating a business within and outside the South American country. For many years Brazil was only seen as a country with an important tourism industry, which often made it difficult for entrepreneurs to find credit to establish or continue their industrial dreams. One entrepreneur who has been seeking to enhance his dreams of business success is Flavio Maluf, a business leader who has sought to use his mechanical engineering skills to improve the opportunities of a number of businesses across Brazil.

One of the major areas of growth has been the emergence of the environmental industry within Brazil; the area is of great importance to Flavio Maluf because of his role as the head of the Eucatex group concerned with forestry, he expresses his concerns for the environment on Facebook quite often. The issues related to the Brazilian economy have been discussed by Maluf on a number of occasions along with their link to the political climate of the country. The Maluf family has played an important role in the political life of Brazil, particularly as the patriarch of the family serves as a politician for a number of years.

Flavio Maluf has chosen a different route to that of his father in his role as an entrepreneur and business leader in the Brazilian economy. Maluf has led Eucatex to a position of priominence in the environmental industry of South America, but even this major corporation has found problems in securing credit from the major banks of the country because of the long term nature of the forestry industry. Maluf explained the six year nature of the each investment made in the forestry industry means a large period of waiting is required between investment and the final stage of achievement. The entrepreneur has been vocal in explaining the challenges facing the Brazilian economy in the coming years, but even he feels the future could be bright if the right moves are made in adding to the economic growth of the country.  Check out his Twitter account for even more information.

Visual Search Is Changing the Way People Look at Online Shopping

Online shopping has been a game changer for the world of commerce. But at the same time it’s very common for people to first go into a traditional store to actually look around. Only then do they head back home to actually place an order. The process loses quite a bit of sales to those traditional stores simply because people often wonder if the extra trouble of ordering online is worth it since they’re already in a store. But a recent article in the MIT Technology Review casts some light on the reason this trend seems to be changing.

The reason people are still window shopping in the real world is that human beings are very visually oriented. Meanwhile, the search engines used for online shopping are almost totally lacking in visual components. Everything is text based. However, the article points out that this is changing. AI and visual search technologies are converging to form a new way of searching for things online. The article goes on to showcase how online stores can use visual search to enable customers to search for items based on visual appearance. For example, in a real world store one might see a pair of boots that look great. But at the same time, people will often want to also find an outfit which complements it. It’s easy to do in a traditional store because people can simply cast their gaze over the entire inventory to look for complementary colors. But that’s not really possible with traditional search engines. However, it is possible with visual search that makes use of AI. The system will actually look for similar items based on appearance.

Some other companies are taking the technology to the next level. One of the most important of these is Slyce. What makes them so significant is the fact that they’re heavily invested in the idea of real world interactivity. And as such they’ve designed systems that can work in a fully distributed manner. This means that even devices as relatively underpowered as a smartphone can still make use of visual search systems. A good example of this is Slyce’s universal scanner.

Slyce’s universal scanner system can take the prior example of searching for items and bring it into almost any situation. In the example of the boots, one would first have to have that item loaded up within an online store. With Slyce’s technology it’d be possible to simply see someone wearing those boots. One button press later and Slcye’s visual search system could find the boots and offer suggestions on complementary clothing choices to match them. And this is also something that Slyce can easily integrate into almost any mobile program.

Switching Carriers & FreedomPop Services

Complaints about issues to do with cell phone carriers are common amongst mobile users. Some complain about poor customer care while others feel it is too expensive. However, no one has ever thought of changing his or her carrier due to the long process associated with the exercise. However, did you know that the process has been made easier and less expensive? Today, mobile phone carriers can be switched by following simple steps as follows.


First is the determination of the cell carrier you want to switch to. Irrespective of the carrier the customers chooses to switch to, they are allowed to bring over their old phone numbers free of charge.


Sometimes, one’s current contract may be out of date, yet the customers wish to change their carrier. The solution is paying an Early Termination Fee. The price of the termination fee depends on how much ones phone is paid off, and how far they are with their current contract. However, for customers whose contacts are over, this step is irrelevant. The next step is determine how much the new carrier is capable of reimbursing the ETF. The amount varies from one carrier to another and from time to time.


For example Verizon does not buy out ones old contract, however, they offer $300 credit in one’s old phone for trading. In contrast, a carrier such as Sprint Network pays off ones entire old contract. However, the demand for the old phone and signing up new customer in new contract has increased. Depending on the carrier the subscriber has changed to, the time for reimbursement may take a month or more. It is important to have enough money to cover ones ETF before the process, just in case a carrier does not cover for their subscribers.


Sprint Network is one of the products provided by FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a wireless mobile and internet services provider. Its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols founded the company. FreedomPop offers services such as free texts on Sprint and Clearwire network, voice and data services.


In 2015, FreedomPop subscribers were reported to be hundreds of thousands by New York Times. The company launched free Wi-Fi to all its subscribers nationwide. This service came with free unlimited texts and audio messages for just $5 per mouth. The company also sells mobile phones, broadband devices, and tablets, which are used with their services.


Pet Foods Create A Tasty New Food For Your Pet

Who would eat dog food on purpose? The manufacturing chief did and makes the comment of how good it is and how it reminds him of a holiday dinner. Dog foods are growing by leaps and bounds. Creating the best foods for our pets is the beginning of the new industry that pet foods are trying to become. Flavor and good nutrition are important to pet owners. The dog food industry is proposing that they will make in excess of 23 billion in sales this coming year. Pet foods are taking on new taste and ingredients according to the article, Different pet food companies are creating foods using thing such as fruits and berries to go with real meats and vegetables. The pet foods are going to be healthier and better tasting. Beneful dog food by Purina is working on new tastes and combinations for your pets. The old foods that pets used to eat were full of fillers but now the new combinations are real meat and vegetables such as the ones used in the new Beneful dog food brands. Many families like feeding their pets from the table. Now the foods that are being created taste more like the foods we love. Things such as Beef Stroganoff and Lasagna are hitting the market. Some of these new foods will need refrigeration which may test the new innovation. Blue Buffalo, Cesar’s, Beneful, Nestle, and others are suddenly treating the pets we have like family by creating these wonderful new tastes and combinations. Look for them in your store and give your pets a taste. Beneful dog food by Purina is working to make sure all of your pet needs are met by providing dog food, puppy foods, and overweight dog foods for your pet’s lifetime. Each level of food you need is available for you to purchase. talk to your Veterinarian if you have any questions on when to take your pet from puppy food to adult formula. Make sure to give your pet the nutrition it needs by giving it the correct level of food.

George Soros and the Migrant Crisis



One of the biggest issues that is affecting Europe today is the migrant crisis. Many nations around the world are seeing a large group of people move out and immigrate to better areas. However, Europe is having an issue because so many of these sick and poor people are moving into their borders. Along with people who need help, there are a lot of people who simply want to cause trouble in Europe. Whether this is from an increased rate of violence towards women or terrorism, there are many people who are pointing towards immigration as the driver behind this. Anyone who wants to know the opinion of George Soros on this topic can read this article by Market Watch.

Short Term Issues

There are many short term issues that people in Europe are facing by this migrant crisis. However, George Soros believes that people should look past these issues and only think about the long term. George Soros has a unique perspective on this simply because he immigrated to England when he was younger. There are many benefits that immigration provides to both people and nations over the long term. However, there are few people in Europe who are able to see this through the short term issues that are being faced. Over a long period of time, these issues have started to come up to the surface. There are many changes that need to be made, but George Soros believes that shutting off immigration for migrants is simply not the solution.

Economic Issues

One of the biggest issues faced in Europe is how to care economically for these people. Over a long period of time, George Soros says that migrants tend to cost a lot of money for people and governments of Europe. However, George Soros also says that this should not be an excuse to turn people away. Anyone who is looking to help people who are coming in from other nations has the opportunity to do so. George Soros believes that Europe should use its extra resources to help these people who are hurting. Anyone who wants to make a change in this area has an opportunity to do so. George Soros thinks that governments in Europe should actually play a larger role in helping these migrants than they already area. This is in stark contrast to the opinion of many other people who simply want them to come back where they came from. It will be interesting to see where this crisis ends up as tensions continue to boil over.


George Soros has never been afraid to speak his mind on a subject. One of the biggest issues that Europe faces today is the fact that tens of thousands of migrants are pouring over the open border. In light of recent attacks, many people in Europe want this immigration stopped. However, George Soros says that this is not the answer and that governments should do more to help these people.