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The Honest Work of Madison Street Capital

In today’s world, businesses are rapidly changing at a moment’s notice. This is not a problem for Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking firm that provides corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, and valuation services to its clients. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. As notes, Madison Street Capital has become an industry leader in financial advisory services and a trusted partner.

In addition to its good reputation, Madison Street Capital has some notable business achievements for a firm that has only been in operation for eleven years. Madison Street Capital currently has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. The Chicago Tribune reported last year that Madison Street Capital co-founder Anthony Marsala was selected as a member of the 40 Under Forty recognition program for 2015 of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). The 40 Under Forty recognition program selects potential nominees under the age of 40 who have made extraordinary advances in business and other related fields.

Besides being a co-founder of Madison Street Capital, Marsala also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the firm. Marsala has continued to play a very important role in overseeing the firm’s international presence in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Other parts of the firm that Marsala oversees are the firm’s due diligence and analytical teams.

Marsala’s experience and education make him an excellent choice for the tasks he routinely carries out as the Chief Operation Officer for the firm. Before graduating from the Loyola University of Chicago, Marsala studied Finance and Information Systems. He also obtained a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from the University of Oxford. Outside of his education, Marsala currently has 14 years of experience in business valuation, corporate finance, and M&A (Marsala’s areas of specialization). While gaining his years of experience, Marsala worked in various business areas ranging from the energy sector to pharmaceuticals and much more. It should come as no surprise to the reader that Marsala is arguably the best person to serve as the Chief Operating Officer for the firm.

In conclusion, Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that is based in Chicago, Illinois. It was started in 2005 and today it has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. An industry leader in advisory services and a trusted partner, the firm lives up to its claims that it is “committed to integrity, excellence, leadership and service in delivering corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise, financial opinions and valuation services to publicly and privately held businesses.” There should be no doubt that the firm will continue to operate on those principles.

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Kyle Bass Does Not See The Economy of China Improving

Recently, there has been talk about the economy of China. China’s economy has been facing some troubles. Many economists have been putting in their own opinions on the economy as to whether or not it is going to turn around. Kyle Bass himself has weighed his opinion on this issue. He has stated that China’s economy is not going to have what is called a Lehman moment. He is urging investors to back off from it for now. Kyle Bass, being an economist is always speaking on economical issues in order to help people prepare for what might be coming. However, he is far from perfect in his career.

Kyle Bass was at once considered to be a force to be reckoned with when he predicted the economic downturn of 2008. However, after the correct prediction of the economic downturn, he has shown that he has lost whatever touch he may have had. Many viewers were first disillusioned, then they were amused at the bad calls that he has made. This has eventually made Kyle Bass one of the laughing stocks among economists. As a result, he has definitely fallen from grace to his viewers. It gets worse beyond that.

Kyle Bass has also aligned with some people that are very questionable. Among the people that he has aligned himself with is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She has proven to be bad for the economy of her country. She has caused her country to default on its sovereign debt twice in just over a decade. However, Kyle Bass is someone who keeps insisting that she could do no wrong. He keeps praising her as if he is someone that is under her rule. Kyle Bass has also made some statements blaming the victims for a malfunctioning air bag. Kyle Bass has definitely gained a lot of fame for the wrong reasons.

Everything You Need To Know About The Leadership of Davos Financial Company Overview

A good company cannot reasonably be expected to sustain itself without good leadership, such is the cast with the Davos Financial Group. The Davos Financial Group is not a single company but rather, as the name implies, a collection of various different companies headed by David Osio. The purpose of the Davos Financial Group is to offer comprehensive financial advice to it’s selective and prosperous clientele, including things such as wealth management, investment planning and financial accounting. It was the very first selective financial advice firm to debut in the history of Venezuela, though the group has since expanded to other countries such as the United States.
Company Leadership.
The Davos Financial Group was created by David Osio, a graduate from the Catholic University of Andres Bello as well as specialized studies conducted at the Institute Estudios Superiores de Administración. Mr. Osio is primarily known for his work as CEO of OPED Enterprise where he developed innovative solutions to the coffee export industry. Additionally, Mr. Osio has also worked for the prolific commercial group LETCO in the capacity of executive marketing manager, designing cutting edge industrial marketing programs and campaigns for the company. In the 1980’s Mr. Osio radically changed gears and began to shift his interests to the field of Law and began working for the MGO Law Firm of Caracas. While there Mr. Osio worked for such notable clients as the Ferro Corporation as well as Consolidated Bank. Through his experience, knowledge and excellence in the field Mr. Osio quickly found himself taking up the position of BLI Miami (Banco Latino International).

Additional Work.
Bringing all of these myriad and admirable traits to Davos Financial Group, Mr. Osio was able to not only create a highly efficient and financially profitable company group, he was also able to use the companies assets to help promote cultural appreciation as well as appreciation of the arts via support to numerous non-profit, art and culture based organizations. Some of these include the notable Miami Symphony Orchestra as well as the Children’s Orthopedic Organization. Mr. Osio’s, as well as those associated with his prominent Davos Group’s, collective work has received much attention and praise, so much so that in 2009 they were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor of the US State Congress.

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Helane Morrison Role as Compliance Officer at Hall Capital

Helane L. Morrison is a Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, an investment firm that manages over $29 billion worth of assets. Hall Capital was founded in 1994. It manages money for most successful companies, individuals, and families including investment financiers such as Warren Hellman and John Fisher. The success of Hall Capital stems from its diversity that cut across different backgrounds, education, and gender. While female leadership is relatively rare in the financial industry, Hall Capital has three women in top leadership position.


Helane Morrison serves as the chief compliance officer, where she designed compliance programs geared toward locating and resolving regulatory complications and ethical issue. Compliance officer does not make up rules, but they ensure existing rules are followed. Ensuring companies comply with local, State, and Federal laws are something Helane Morrison knows very well. Before taking the Chief Compliance Officer position at Hall Capital, Morrison had experienced an illustrious career as a Regional Director for Securities Exchange Commission, where her role was to ensure companies conformed.


Ms Morrison is famously known as an indispensable fighter for justice in the finical industry, and she has dedicated her life toward creating a fair and ethical business practices. She joined Capital in 2007, after heading the SEC for eight years in the San Francisco Office. Morrison was responsible for regulatory and litigation issues of the North California and five other States. Moreover, she worked in Howard-Rice-Nemerovski-Canady-Falk and Rabkin law firm from 1986 through 1996. Within 60 months in the firm, her dedication saw become a partner and practiced corporate investigations, security defense, and corporate litigation.


With more than ten years experience practicing law and more than a decade of pursuing wayward business for Security Exchange Commission, Morrison is uniquely qualified as Chief Compliance Officer. As she has done in previous roles, Morrison work has been exemplary at Hall Capital. The company leverages her integrity, strong work ethics, and vast experience. Many people attribute the success being experienced by the firm to Morrison


Morrison is also part of the Board of Regional Park Foundations and a member of American Bar Association. Often, she gives talks to various audiences about the subject of compliance and variety legal issues that influence investment advisers. Born in New York, Helane Morrison first pursued a degree in Journalism at Northwestern University. Later, she enrolled in the law school and graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the University of California.

Discover The Benefits of Becoming A Part Of An InnovaCare Health Plan

InnovaCare Health provides a wide range of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage Plans. They are one of the most leading health care providers in the industry. There plans cover all the services that your original Medicare covers. You pay a monthly premium from your plan that is a fraction of the out-of-pocket expenses of regular health care. Traditionally, it doesn’t cover the hospice plan under their coverage. However, similar options may be available. Check with InnovaCare health services provider to find out more about the services under their plan.

Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA and President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare along with Penelope Kokkinidies, Chief Administrator Officer strive to improve physician services for the aging population and the Medicare recipients. You’re always covered when you need emergency services or urgent care. Often times, older adults are neglected when it comes to medical services says Rick Shinto about today’s medical industry. Special arrangements are made for services not covered under the plan by recommending clients to low cost physician services. However, patients are always given the rights to appeal any decision.

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InnovaCare is one of the largest managed healthcare firms in the nation. They currently serve over 275,000 Medicare recipients and have over 270,000 comprehensive models. They have high quality physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans. Their patients get the medical attention that need to live an active lifestyle and superior health and well being. They offer specialist and health centers for all their active beneficiaries. InnovaCare Health has recently earned the Commendable Accreditation from the National Committee in Quality Assurance and excellent medical services. Their innovative value plans are next to none in the medical services field.

InnovaCare is a proud Provider Management company and they also work on building medical provider networks. They are proud to manage the MSO in Puerto Rico. More importantly, across the nation Medicare Part D plans under the prescription drug cover which is very important to a lot of people. InnovaCare is also concerned with the global risk of healthcare providers. They are headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and are available for all your questions in the medical, physician services, Medicare Advantage Plans and more. InnovaCare is taking a technological approach to medical services to improve the lives of everyone.

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Accomplished Executive Brian Bonar receives a great honor

Dalrada Financial Corporation CEO and Chairman Brian Bonar has been awarded the honor of being named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Cambridge Who’s Who is an organization that seeks out thriving professionals for the purposes of global networking, and affording them the opportunity to be listed among the ranks of other notable professionals.

Mr. Brian Bonar was listed alongside only three other illustrious executives for his outstanding accomplishments and contributions to his company. Bonar’s worthiness for this recognition becomes easily evident with even a brief glance at his professional resume. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar has shewn himself to be an extremely ambitious and dedicated individual throughout his impressive career. After earning his MBA and PHD from Stafford University, England,UK, he was on the fast track to success, working for quite a few noteworthy companies along the way including IBM, U.K, Ltd. for over sixteen years.

After leaving IBM, Mr. Brian Bonar became involved with printing technologies as VP of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corp in 1989 and Sales Manager at Adaptec in 1993. Adaptec is known in tech circles as one of the early pioneers and supporters of the SCSI standard, a method of connecting computers to peripherals like printers and other devices.

His work at Adaptec led Bonar to found Bezier Systems, of which he was CEO, in an effort to launch the first SCSI printer.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar continued his work in sales and marketing, ultimately leading him to Dalrada Financial Services where he is currently Chairman of the Board and CEO. Mr. Bonar’s ambition and march toward excellence is best exemplified in his meteoric rise through the ranks of Dalrada Financial Services, where he began as the company’s Director of Technology Sales.

After only two years he became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and from there was made the company’s Executive Vice President. In 1997 he was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer and has been working as Dalrada’s CEO since 1998; somehow finding time to begin managing professional outsourcing firms AMS in 2006, which he also founded, and Trucept in 2011 of which he is CEO. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar –

Brian Bonar has shewn himself to not only be an exemplary entrepreneur, but a well accomplished business man and leader. His years of experience and dedication have propelled him to great heights, more than earning the recognition he has received. He has proven that his career and work are well worth note and that there is still greater to be expected of him in the future.

WEN Hair Care Is Changing Lives

In today’s hair care industry you will find plenty of items that may dry out or cause destruction to your hair. For those that are now living in a part of the world that’s within a climate that is especially dry, they will discover quickly that their hair can become dehydrated. Some have observed that this gets worse during winter’s heart when temperatures are freezing and the wind chills can cause frostbite, drying out all moisture from skin and hair. That’s why many people have finally switched over to Wen cleansing conditioner.
Unlike frequent shampoos which contain sodium laurel sulfate, a severe chemical that creates excessive damage to your hair, WEN conditioners are high in natural ingredients like aloe Vera gel and natural ingredients to normally clean your hair, and menthol to alleviate dried, itchy scalp, and special oils to penetrate the hair and restore glow, body, and moisture.

A growing number of people around on Facebook are changing from their old hair care regimen to a hair treatment that is pure and natural like goods such as baking soda to completely clean their hair. But this in-house solution type of cleanser will only remove dirt and oils. They don’t really work at moisturizing and restoring your dull hair to a healthier state and often their characteristics that are abrasive and may be more damaging to your hair than you realize.

Most of the people record results within their hair after just the primary use. They need to utilize the conditioner daily to help fix the hair, like a number of people’s can be if their hair is extremely dry. Many Wen customers realize that they could use it every other day to maintain its natural magnificence.

For those who have been looking for a solution, you will be impressed by Wen Cleaning Conditioner. Visit to purchase Wen.

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Does Society Appreciate Whistleblowers?

Some people would call them ‘rats,’ or ‘snitches.’ Informants is a name that the police and undercover agents would give a whistleblower. In essence, that is exactly what someone who tattles on a company would be called and then punished in days gone by. Being punished is the reason many who have learned about insider activities that are of the illegal nature, remain silent, enablers, those who go along with the status quo at the expense of the many.

If there are illegal activities ongoing within a business, particularly in the investment and banking business, then the whistleblower can reveal such activities that are thought to be harmful to the majority of employees, investors, or whomever the activity is meant to cheat. Exposing cheaters by blowing the ‘golden whistle,’ has now become a way to become set for life as this is a phenomenon that has been happening ever since the new SEC Whistleblower protection rules were established. The procedures for reporting possible securities violations and injurious activities such as insider trading or accounting fraud, will be well protected by such new rules.

The business of whistleblowing has now become ‘big business,’ as the wave of moving wealth from big business continues to progress away from their coffers to those of the whistleblowers who tend to be Washington Insiders that are teamed up with tort lawyers, Unelected Officials who are the regulators, such as Jordan A. Thomas once was, have created a new industry that is much like the parasites in the world who feed off of a host such as a mammal, Homo sapien or marsupial. Their cause appears to be just and righteous as their motto is often laced with verbiage such as ‘fighting for an Era of Corporate Integrity.’ Recently, whistleblower agents claim to be making corporations more accountable, when their truthful purpose is to behave like leeches and suck the life blood out of the Corporate host for their own aggrandizement.

The private sector in banking, based on the massive legislative jargon and convoluted shackles of the Dodd=Frank legislation, has become a target for these types to set up for a professional class of whistleblowers who can act as a team member that works with legal insiders in Washington to bring down one or the other private investment banking entity or major banking industry, which in turn destabilizes many other industries in the private sector.

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Brian Bonar: Building a Legacy

As said by Jack Canfield, “Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.” Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Though certain individuals have achieved great success throughout their lives, it does not deter them from continuing to thrive. In fact, their drive is so strong that others take notice, and offer awards accordingly.

Brian Bonar is a businessman with over thirty years of experience in finance. After obtaining his Ph.D., the accomplished went on to take the industry by storm. Ultimately leading him to the reigning position of CEO and of Chairman of the Board at Dalrada Financial Corporation, his determination is no small matter in his life, but instead allows him to stay swift within the industries he serves.

His affiliation with the American Finance Association ensures his experience and intelligence in a multitude of matters, and his general influence within the industry has allowed him to be savvy to international business affairs.

As previously mentioned, successful individuals with immeasurable feats tend to earn the recognition of prestigious associations that grant them well deserved awards. As of recently, Brian Bonar was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Of the only two men and two women who are selected for this major title, Brian Bonar reigned supreme, further validating his presence within the field.

With nearly two decades worth of experience in affairs in Europe, Asia, and the United States, it is safe to say that Brian Bonar will work and succeed until he cannot any longer, and then he will surely leave a legacy behind.

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Laidlaw & Co.’s Practice of Deception

Late last year, a U.S. Federal Court decided to granted an injunction filed by Remalda Therapeutics against Laidlaw & Company, Ltd. and its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The lawsuit claims that Eitner and Ahern attempted to take over control of Remalda by spreading deceptive information to their stockholders. I am in agreement with the Court; Laidlaw & Company has demonstrated a criminal tendency that has no place in an honest marketplace. ”

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This is not the first time that Laidlaw & Co., under the leadership of Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, have been under scrutiny. Bloomberg notes that the company and its principals have a long history of distributing false information, resulting in complaints, sanctions, and on more than one occasion, steep fines.
What is most upsetting about Laidlaw & Co. is that they work with healthcare organizations. Remalda, for example, works to develop necessary pharmaceuticals in the fight against chronic pain, with an emphasis on abuse resistant drugs. How many efforts to provide unmet medical needs have been obstructed by Mr. Eitner and Ahern’s proclivity toward deception? I only hope that this injunction is the first step in Laidlaw & Company’s steady movement toward dissolution, and, if we’re lucky, Mr. Eitner and Ahern’s prosecution.