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What Every College Student Needs To Know About Reputation Management

Not all college students realize that posting a racist tweet or uploading a picture from a frat party to Facebook will come back to haunt them. HR departments, scholarship committees and admissions officers routinely use online searches to evaluate candidates. In an enlightening article, a contributor to Entrepreneur talks about how he wished colleges and universities taught students that good grades and an impressive resume or scholarship application is not enough today, a positive online reputation and is just as important.

Reputation management classes could instruct students to use social media to Brand Yourself as a professional in their field. Resume writing classes should include instructions on how to create a personal website where the student will post their resume or their portfolio. Employers performing Google searches on qualified applicants will see the applicant’s personal website and social media links first, where they will see only positive information about the applicant.

Today, anyone can post something negative about someone online, however, the key is to have flattering content appear at the top of the search results. Students have to learn that being proactive in managing their online reputation is vital, otherwise, they are letting others create the first impression of themselves that potential employers will see. Students who plan to work for themselves need to learn that consumers make purchasing decisions based on what they read online.

Understanding the implications of a poor online reputation is helpful for students in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. A new graduate may miss out on dating the ideal person for him or her simply because that person looked them up online, saw an old, embarrassing Facebook, and then chose not to go out on a date.


An Incredible Whistleblower Award is Announced

A saying goes along the lines that it does not pay to be a nice person. Doing the right thing does, actually, have its rewards. A person who came forward as a whistleblower in a financial industry matter has definitely reaped rewards for doing the right thing. The unnamed individual has received a record-breaking multimillion dollar whistleblower reward.

PR Newswire reports the amount of the money issued by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is an amazing $17 million. Reporting on wrongdoings has led to a whistleblower becomes wealthier than he or she ever imagined.

Those wondering how the figure was arrived at or where the money came from, the general answer is found in the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that was passed in 2010. Under the law, whistleblowers may be entitled to a percentage of money recovered via fines and sanctions against an entity proven to have done something wrong. The fines are not issued without due process, but things are kept quiet due to privacy concerns.

Whistleblowers are frequently fearful of coming forward. The reasons why are not difficult to deduce. Concerns over retaliation definitely contribute to keeping quiet. New laws, as written, extend protections to people who blow the whistle on financial wrongdoing. Additionally, the laws allow for rewards to those who successfully help the SEC levy penalties. Nothing in the past, however, even remotely came close to the incredible $17 million payout.

Dealing with the complexities of blowing the whistle on wrongdoing is likely going to be easier to engage in after having procured qualified legal counsel. Labaton Sucharow LLP is the firm representing the person at the center of the landmark award. By working with an attorney who handles whistleblower cases, a lot of work and stress is taken off the shoulders of the client Interesting, Labaton Sucharow LLP is the first practice in the United States that handles whistleblower cases exclusively.

The tale of the record-breaking whistleblower may inspire a host of others to come forward. This would be a very good thing. Wrongdoing in the financial world hurts a great many people. Shedding light on illegal activity is the best way to put a stop to it.

History, Development and Achievements of IAP Worldwide

Many companies that have grown to attain international status began as small entities and this is the same process IAP Worldwide has gone through. The company has developed its systems over time and emerged as a market leader despite many challenges along the way. Since its establishment in 1953, IAP has worked to offer solutions in different areas with help from professionals from several companies.

Some of the areas they have worked on include the aviation, IT and security. To learn about the strengths of IAP Worldwide, it is necessary to have a look at the history of the company and the many achievements it has made along the way.

At inception
To begin, it is necessary to have a look at the point on which the company began its operations. The process of development of the company begins in 1953, when they kicked off with a contract in the aviation industry and launches. In the period beginning 1989, IAP facilitated the successful launch of over 2,500 missiles, a remarkable achievement that has remained in their history.

These launches included manned shuttle and air-breathing missiles. The tests were a success and marked the beginning of a journey of innovation and creativity to help offer solutions in the IT, communications and security sectors.

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Contribution to government missions
Also important in IAP Worldwide is the fact the company has been working closely with the government to help the security troops in their various missions across the world. One of the most important missions the company took part in is the Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia.

IAP for over three decades has worked with the army offering them logistics support and technical services. It is a trusted partner that has been approved to help the troops in their various missions and the contract continues as they keep growing.

Restructuring and recapitalization
The 2014 restructuring and recapitalization was an attempt to make IAP Worldwide better and this plan was achieved. This saw the company get a new set of directors and ownership that implemented the changes to have over 1600 employees based in more than 110 locations spread in more than 20 countries. Through science and technology works, IAP has come up with customer-focused solutions that are also relevant to the conservation of the environment they operate in. They have put a lot of emphasis on research and innovation that encourages the use of renewable energy sources that are friendly to the environment. 

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New Company Captain’s Protection from Unfair Negativity

In the current online realm, brand image is absolutely invaluable. As the attention span of consumers continuously grow shorter, it is critical to persevere a broadly marketable brand image to limit unforeseen liability that has the potential to kill a corporation. Consumers shift their online attention from one massive data entity to another by the second, making it a pressing need to address potential negative content on all fronts, otherwise running the risk of a single slip up going viral.

The vast amount of damage caused by potential bad publicity and lost shareholder confidence derived from something as simple as an employee mistake can be crushing. One industry entrant going by the name of “Bury Bad Articles” strives to eliminate the threat that human error presents. The bottom line is that all corporations have far too much pre-existing insurance to have to worry about uncovered liability derived from the compounding strife of a socially-viral incident, fueled by social justice warriors, arguments quickly become one sided as unpersuadable people rage out at perceived injustice.

The damage-mitigating, proactive support website insures peace of mind to its clients, protecting them from the 22% dip that studies have shown occurs when users see just one negative article while making a search inquiry referencing a product. This number can reach astronomical amounts as the number of negative references increases. At four negative results, the customers lost can be as high as 59%, clearly displaying the companies with the most solid of foundations could still feel the devastating bite of a crippling decline in sales, from just a single incident.

While it’s painful to have to mitigate even more liability in a world of endless padded-edges and railed-steps, current collective shareholder mentality forces the issue. It is no longer feasible to rely on the good faith of consumers that trust in your product when the bad press comes knocking; context is unimportant to the ever-crusading independent consumer. Therefore, it’s imperative for any business big enough to feel the burn of a crash to prepare for the future ahead of time.

Learn more about Bury Bad Articles and how they can help you manage your online reputation

How Nizan Guanaes is Transforming the Global Corporate Scene

Nizan Guanaes is one of the most prolific Brazilian businessmen. He is renowned for co-founding ABC Group, which is a large conglomerate that brings together more than 18 companies. The firm’s subsidiaries provide a range of services including marketing and advertising, and content distribution. ABC Group has maintained its top spot as the largest communications conglomerate in Latin America. It is also ranked 18th among the largest communications companies in the world. The conglomerate’s success is largely owed to steadfast and shrewd leadership that is provided by Nizan.


Nizan has distinguished himself as a transformative corporate executive and entrepreneur, who has a penchant for laying down productive corporate strategies. His success has seen him get recognized among the most decisive business figures. In 2010 for instance, the Financial Times indicted him into its annual list of the top five most powerful Brazilians. The following year, Fast Company also ranked him among the top 100 most creative people in the world. Recently, GQ Magazine named him Man of The Year in its Leadership category. This clearly proves that his influence extends beyond South American borders.


Nizan’s Early Beginnings


The Salvador, Bahia native is an alumnus of Universidad Federal da Bahia from where he holds a Business Administration degree. He first worked as a copywriter before moving to Rio de Janeiro in search of greener opportunities. Early in his career, he gained a reputation for being a skillful advertising copywriter, something that would come in handy later on in his entrepreneurial journey. He founded his first company iG, in 2000. Two years later, he partnered with Joao Augusto to start ABC Group.


Nizan’s Philanthropy


For a long time, Nizan has been supportive of different humanitarian causes. He mainly focuses on the promotion of access to education, and the conservation of human natural heritage. He sits on the boards of several non-profitable organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative.

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Secures launches inmate file automation platform

Securus Technologies is one of the leading technologically sound prison communication providers in the country. Their mission and vision are to make communication as easier, comfortable and cheaper as possible in jails. They have launched similarly groundbreaking innovation, and the latest Inmate Forms and Grievance application platform is just a continuation of their culture.

The platform will help prisoners, families, officers, medical practitioners, and other correction officers file, submit, retrieve, store or send inmate communication. According to Vice President Russell Roberts, the digital age is dynamic, and if the technology is not used to simplify operations, then an opportunity is lost. The purpose of the platform is to streamline operations.

Securus acknowledges the challenges that correction facilities go through. Apart from printing and filling bulky files, the files are hard to store, and retrieval is time-consuming. Files can also be lost or damaged in the cause of handling. To reduce such challenges, an officer can access the file online, fill the form, and submit the form. He or she can also store the file for future use. Families of inmates, medical officers, probations officers and others can access the forms with ease.

Prisoner handling generates a considerable amount of forms. According to Securus data, an average inmate requires at least 13 documents every month. Such documents include grievances or general application form. Handling physical forms are tedious, and there is no guarantee that the form will be tracked without fail.

Inmates can now enjoy faster and convenient services in prisons. Excuses of missing forms or few papers will soon be a thing of the past. You can fill the form anytime and submit it. Securus Technologies is committed to innovation and technological progress in prison communication. The current wave of implemented projects will see the company overtake some of the oldest providers as the most forward-thinking provider in the market.

Wen By Chaz Has The Critics and Customers Raving

It can oftentimes be hard to please the critics. They can be a tough group and they can have high expectations. That just means when you win them over, it is that special, as it was earned and nothing came easy. In regards to Wen by Chaz, it has done two things. First and foremost, it has won over the general public as a great shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. It has made a whole lot of people happy. After all, they are the ones that are buying the product from Amazon and it is paramount to make them happy and satisfied with their purchase. If they are not happy, chances are the product will not go very far and will not do very well.

Their second accomplishment has been with the critics. They are the ones that can help spread the word about the product and get positive word of mouth out there. When it travels, it travels fast and people tend to stay up and pay attention. When reviewing the product for on the following link,, Emily McClure gave it to the audience right from the heart and she was very satisfied with the product. Her review goes in-depth as it includes photos and her review.

This allows the consumer to see for themselves what the product is all about and how it works. When they see the pictures, they can see the differences it made in her hair in only seven days. It works really fast and it achieves what it says it is going to achieve. By day seven, you can see the changes in her hair. Pictures do not lie and they tend to tell the whole story. No matter if someone is a critic or a customer, they just can’t get enough of Wen By Chaz. That is success. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more information.

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Top Real Estate Projects to Watch Out For In New York City

New York is among the cities in the United States with the tallest skyscrapers and magnificent buildings designed with rich architectural knowledge featuring high-powered technology. The city continues to host some of the biggest multi-million dollar projects that will see the it’s real estate industry shift to a different angle of perception.

Queens Plaza South is one of the projects set to commence soon. The project features two towers having 900,509 square feet office space. The project will cost about $640 million. There is a planned new five-storey building near Red Hook waterfront by Thor Equities, a popular real estate company in NYC. The building will occupy a 645,103 square foot space and have ground-breaking features.

Wegmans grocery store is set to establish a mega store in Brooklyn. According to Doug Steiner, the project will occupy 126,000 square foot of land at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Following closely is Michael Shah’s Delshah Capital that is planning to build a 150,431 square foot building in Downtown Brooklyn. Other real estate projects expected to top the headlines in New York’s real estate journals include 154- unit residential building in Bronx’s Melrose community, a 160-unit building on the parking space at Robert Fulton housing complex located in Chelsea and a 31- storey hotel building in East 48th Street, Manhattan. Borris Aranova is also planning to build a 17-storey office complex at 42 West 47 Street, Manhattan.

TOWN Residential has not been left behind in covering the real estate events as they unfold in the NYC real estate scene, and the apartments for sale. It’s also an accomplice of some of the most popular buildings in the city. The company has formed an important part of New York’s real estate landscape for the past five years.

At the core of the company’s exceptional performance, is a team of highly qualified individuals with in-depth knowledge about real estate.

The company is currently under the leadership of Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana. It also deals with clients from other cities like Miami and specializes in leasing of properties and sales. For more information about the TOWN Residential, you can visit their website and talk to any of their contact service personnel who will help you with everything you need.

Philip Diehl’s Detailed Enterprise Radio Interview

Philip N. Diehl used to work as the Director of the U.S. Mint. He’s currently employed at the U.S. Money Reserve as its President. He granted Enterprise Radio on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network an interview not too long ago. Eric Dye is the show’s host. He’s also the person who interviewed Diehl. Enterprise Radio is a program that focuses on prominent executives, people who own small businesses and entrepreneurs. It gives these people the opportunity to talk about all of their newest offerings.

These offerings can include brand new products, inventions, techniques, services and stories. Diehl has been involved in many media outings since 2016 began. He talked about many different subjects during his discussion with Dye. These subjects included his leadership skills, the U.S. Money Reserve‘s high-quality customer treatment and what’s coming up next for the gold market.

Many people think Diehl is one of the greatest U.S. Mint Directors of all time. He was behind many significant achievements. The 50 States Quarter Program is an example. Diehl was also behind the introduction of a platinum coin that had the distinction of being the first one offered by the American government.

Diehl talked about big changes that occurred at the U.S. Mint while he worked there. He said that the situation at the U.S. Mint improved dramatically due to a newfound focus on excellent customer service. He said that the U.S. Mint, after some time, equaled the finest United States companies as far as customer service policies went. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl has continued to concentrate on top-tier customer service since landing his position as the U.S. Money Reserve’s President. He has also continued to concentrate on the tried and true entrepreneurial concepts that aided him so much while he was at the U.S. Mint. The U.S. Money Reserve is among the nation’s biggest suppliers of coins, bars and precious metal bullion.

The U.S. Money Reserve was created in 2001. It’s a private company that specializes in platinum, silver and gold offerings that are provided by the government. The firm has many clients that are in locations all around the United States. The team members who work for the U.S. Money Reserve have significant training and backgrounds on their sides. They know a lot about numismatic matters. They perform a lot of coin research as well. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Diehl is a Texas native who attended Austin College, the University of Texas and Stanford University.

Detailed description of IAP Worldwide services Inc.

IAP Worldwide Company is based in Florida, in the United States. The company was launched60 years ago. IAP is ranked a world-class company due to its efficiency in providing services to its clients. The company has employed more than 2,000 employees that are located in more than 25 countries around the world. The firm’s workforce has the required experience and skills in the provision of services to clients. The employees are guided by the company’s values which need them to act nicely and responsibly.

IAP Worldwide provides various services to clients ranging from logistics and professional development to advanced and technical services. The company provides most of its services to the government of the United States including expeditionary services, emergency support, and aviation support services among many others. The expeditionary infrastructure services comprise of power field and utilities, health services, and custom-engineered infrastructure. Among the control services provided by IAP include power plant services, renewable energy services, and temporary as well as permanent power supply. Apart from the government, IAP Worldwide also serves clients from the private and public institutions. Services provided by the business to these organizations include scientific, health, and administrative solutions.

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The company was established in 2005, and it has grown to become a global business firm. IAP Worldwide’s mission is to solve their client’s problems through the provision of most sustainable solutions. The company has attracted some of the best talents from the job market. IAP uses its most sophisticated technology, expertise, and ingenuity; the company strives to exceed their client’s expectations. IAP focuses on providing sustainable solutions to their client’s problems despite that task that may be involved. Customers are assured of getting services that exceed their expectations.

IAP Worldwide has a lot of experience in planning, coordination, and performing involving logistical and technical tasks. The company carries out complicated tasks such as the maintenance, management and operating military installations of any capacity. IAP expanded its services through the acquisition of businesses in the year 2015. Companies that were acquired by IAP include DRS Inc. that is located in Oklahoma. Others include the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions situated in Aberdeen Proven Ground and the Aviation and Logistics Company. The Aviation and Logistics Company provides services that are specialized in logistics and mission support services, aircraft repair management, and communications support management. IAP has merged services from the Aviation and Logistics Company with Tactical Communications and Network Solutions with the aim of enhancing their growth in the market.

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